Infusion Therapy Services

In-House Infusion Center
in New Haven, CT

We offer a more convenient, clean, & non-hospital based infusion close to home – conveniently located in New Haven, CT

Hasbani Neurology is proud to have an in-house infusion center to treat people requiring IV Therapy for neurological conditions. It is staffed with highly experienced nurses and assistants who work alongside your doctor to provide quality infusion services for the treatment of various diseases.

Benefits of in-office therapy:

  • Quality Care
  • Clinical Excellence
  • Onsite Physician
  • Patient Convenience
  • Comfortable Environment

At our In-Office Infusion Center you can expect:

Convenience: Our practice offers easy parking and access to the office.

Comfort: Our Infusion Center has comfortable reclining chairs, TV’s with Netflix, and snacks. Our nurses are specially trained infusion nurses with years of IV experience and a physician will always be present for your infusion. You can expect to save money and time vs. the hospital infusion center.

Experienced Professionals: We now offer comfortable and personalized infusion therapy services at our office partnered with OI Infusion to manage our infusion center. Our infusion suite offers high quality, comfortable infusions at affordable rates.

If you are looking for a comfortable environment to receive your therapy and would like additional information, please contact us.

Our expert team will take excellent care of you, handling every aspect of your infusion, ensuring you the absolute best patient care and a great experience.

Hasbani Neurology

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