Meet the Doctor

Dr. Moshe Hasbani

Board Certified Neurologist | M.D.

I studied medicine at Hadassah Medical School in Jerusalem. After an internship in Jerusalem, I came to Yale New Haven Hospital for a residency in neurology. In 1976, I was a second-year resident when the first CAT scanner in Connecticut was installed at the hospital. I volunteered to be the first subject to have a brain scan. After finishing my residency, I established a private neurological practice for the care of patients with all aspects of neurological conditions.

During my tenure of the last 45 years, I have experienced firsthand the giant steps in neurological advances. After the first CAT scan, MRI was conceived and established as an incredible diagnostic tool for the detection of structural diseases of the brain and the diagnosis of diseases such as multiple sclerosis. From no treatment to more than 15 different medications were invented for this illness alone. treatments for stroke, Parkinson’s Disease, epilepsy, and migraines have all advanced at an incredible pace for the benefit of many afflicted individuals.

Medicine has been and continues to be a lifelong journey. I was greatly influenced by my father who was a highly respected general practitioner. My wife and I are the proud parents of six dynamic individuals two of whom have followed in my footsteps. Our son, Josh, joined me in the practice in 2006. Our daughter, Daphne, is a pediatric neurologist and epileptologist in Philadelphia.

At Hasbani Neurology, we are committed to the care of your loved ones. We believe in the oath written many years ago by Maimonides: “In the sufferer, let me see only the human being.”